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Whether you’re relocating a fleet of imported buses or coaches, purchasing a motorhome from an interstate seller, embarking on a trip around Australia or returning home from a holiday, we have a team of highly experienced transport logistics professionals ready to help you.

We have capability to transport single and double decker buses, coaches, mini buses, school buses, motorhomes, RVs, truck mounted motorhomes, campervans, vehicles with slide-on campers and converted micro campers.

With rising fuel costs, driving long-haul distances can be costly, adds unnecessary wear and tear to your vehicle and can be dangerous for some. Utilising purpose-built RORO (Roll-on / Roll-Off) cargo ships is the preferred transport method for relocating buses, motorhomes and similar vehicles as vessels are fully enclosed. This means your valuable asset will travel protected from Australia’s harsh elements, preventing damage caused from red dust, stone chips, insects, road and truck grime.

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We offer both a depot-to-depot and a door-to-door service – or any combination of the two. With the largest network of national transporters, we can move your vehicle in and out port for you – no fuss! Direct from a residential, business address or an auction house, we have it covered.

Door to Door

We pick up your cargo from a residential or business address and arrange delivery to another address at the destination.

Door to Depot

We pick up your cargo from a residential or business address and deliver to one of our depots where it can be collected.

Depot to Door

After dropping off your cargo at one of our depots, we arrange delivery to a residential or business address at the destination.

Depot to Depot

After dropping off your cargo at one of our depots, we deliver to a depot at the destination where it can be collected.

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Organising and preparing cargo for shipping can be tricky. We've compiled some of our most frequently asked questions to make things easier.

Transport via Sea Freight means your vehicle will travel in a fully enclosed ship between ports. Vessels are fully enclosed, ventilated, and watertight which means your vehicle will not be exposed to the elements. There are also no stone chips, mud, insects, road/truck grime or red dust to contend with which is prevalent in the Australian outback.

Vehicles travel on specialty-built ships and are safely and securely fastened by professional stevedores to prevent movement during transit.

Yes, we sure can! We will need a few extra details to be able to pick up your vehicle.

  • Letter of Authority
  • Copy of Driver's license – front and back
  • Copy of Auction winning email
  • Copy of paid invoice

We do not transport non-goers, salvage, or accident-damaged vehicles. Vehicles must be drivable and in a safe condition with working brakes, good tyres and no damage to windows and/or windscreens.

Only items relevant to the motorhome can travel such as pots, pans, cutlery, etc. Ensure all items are stowed and secured prior to transport. For safety and security, we recommend all valuable items be removed prior to transport such as electronic devices like computers, cameras, etc. as these items are not covered by any warranties/insurances. Contact us if you have any questions.

Ensure all goods and/or personal items, hazardous and perishable items are removed. The truck will need to be unladen, clean and free of organic matter eg. soils, mud, spiders/webs, etc.

Gas bottles are considered a hazardous item and are required to be removed prior to transport; they cannot travel on the ship.

Unless your vehicle is being tilted into port (by agreement only), you will need enough fuel to drive your motorhome in/out of port and on/off the vessel. If your vehicle needs to be refueled, an additional fee will be applicable.